I have a finished Project!

This is the woodside Hat from Lion Brand. You can find the pattern here.

My thoughts on the pattern : it was easy to do :) with is a plus especially  when you are a newbie like me.... however when it came time to sew it together I was little confused on how to do the very top...maybe I missed a decrease or something. I used a slip stitch crochet style to seam it together... I am not please with the seam but It is not that bad in person. I did not make mine as long as it suggested since it seemed at the time it would be to long... I was wrong. It is now about an inch short so it will go to my son instead of my hubby.

here is a WIP picture  http://instagram.com/p/ckBnTLnydp/

Over all I am happy I pushed myself to knit. Learning to crochet months ago really opened a new world to me. I now understand the trill of hand painted yarns and why the yarn isle is always empty at Hobby Lobby.

I am sharing this post in hopes of winning a few prizes from Knitting Daily/Interweave. If I win I would love:
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