I am not sure if you heard and maybe you don't even care but I am going to tell you anyways... I LOVE my god. He is an amazing God! I also LOVE he made me a mom and he has blessed me to have my mom close by. So last year I had heard about DOTMOM its a Bible conference with some of my favorite authors. You get freebies, there is shopping, there are Bible studies, it is a mini vacation for women and more importantly other women who have the same beliefs as I do. In Ephesians 4:3 and Ephesians 4:13  it talks abut the "Unity of Spirit" and the "Unity of Faith" I will get that there.. I am so excited! It also happens that the event falls on my mothers birthday...which means road trip and mom and daughter get away. Is there really any present that can be better? I do not think so.

This year it is in Chattanooga Tennessee which is only a two hour car ride for us. It will be September the 20th and 21st. I am going to miss my hubby and babies and will dread seeing the shape of the house when I return. I know you are thinking its just over night but if you ever met my boys then you would understand. They are extra cute which is great since I think God did that as their defence mechanism. I mean really its hard to get on to two cute little boys :)

Some of the people I am excited to see are Angela Thomas and Vicki Courtney. Angela has written some of the best Bible Studies. We did her Brave study at the first of the year in our small group at church. We are also planning on doing her Stronger study in September (it just came out). Vicki Courtney has some awesome studies too. I am not doing the study but am ready her book "Conversations must have with your Son"

If you are interested in attending tickets have to be bought by August 28th. You also need to get on the ball about getting a hotel room close by. We are not staying at the hotel by the conference but one 2 blocks away which is not bad. Also please leave me a comment if you are attending I would love to meet you! Maybe we can even share works in progress cause you know every true yarnie never leaves home without a project :)

Happy Yarning :)

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