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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Love of Knitting

I may be old Fashioned but I love real magazines and books. I was super excited to get a copy of the Winter 2013 Love of Knitting magazine. The magazine retails for $6.99 which to me is an excellent price compared to other magazines in its category.

Looking at the cover I am already pulled into this magazine because of the "Creative Cables learn how circle" in the bottom right corner. I am new to knitting and really want to learn about cables! I also Love how there is not to much going on the cover. When I am out shopping I usually have just a few seconds to scan the magazines grab one and then leave the isle before my boys have books and magazines everywhere :) So pretty and to the point is what I look for in a magazine.

There are 13 of the 24 cozy knits I am wanting to knit! That comes to about .58 cents per pattern I would be spending! That to me is an incredible deal.
Here is my breakdown of the magazine..

Mitts and Gloves:
There are two patterns the Spiced Nutmeg Mitts and Crimson Cashmere Mitts. There is a web bonus of Felted gloves that can be found on Love of Knitting's web site.
I Love the Nutmeg set. The mitts are fingerless and have a lovely detail on them that even this beginner can do. Its a double lace pattern and using a DK yarn and at a skill level 3. I love how the matching hat uses the same pattern just in the normal "ribbed area" leaving the hat not to over worked. I also love the Crimson Cashmere mitts in that they are a yarn weight 1, light enough not to be to hot but keep your hands toasty.

There are three, the Spiced Nutmeg Hat, On The Slopes Hat and the Mystical Twist Hat.
I really love all three! The Nutmeg hat is so simple but elegant and would be a very fast knit. The On the Slopes hat uses a pom pom which is a HUGE trend right now and the Mystical Twist would be great for all genders and ages. I love the cables on it and it really is a great pattern by Nathalie O'Shea. Worsted weight and an easy skill level make this a must try for me to practice cables.

Nine sweater patterns are packed in the issue. There is even a Web bonus of the Heathered Plum sweater that can be fund on the Love of Knitting website. The sweaters in the magazine are the Canberra Cabled Sweater (men's), Celtic Isle sweater (woman's I LOVE THIS), Aberdeen Sweater (woman's LOVE), Santa Fe Sunset sweater (woman's, Nottingham Sweater (men's from #MarlyBird), Basic Bolero (woman's I already bought yarn for this!!), Vera Sweater (woman's This has already gotten several likes on Ravelry), Mocha Delight (woman's LOVE) and the Little Bear (baby).
Wow talking about of great sweaters packed into one magazine! I was blown away but the Celtic Isle, Aberdeen, Basic Bolero and the Mocha Delight. I have never made a sweater and all of these range from skill level 2-3! I was so in love with the Basic Bolero that I bought yarn 3 days after getting this magazine in the mail! I live is a small town and none of my local stores sell the suggested yarn but I decided to go with Berroco Vintage in the 5197 Neptune Colorway. I can not wait to CO this sweater but have to finish a few things first. I am planning on making the XL and the pattern suggest I need 6 skeins but I went ahead and got 7 just in case!
I really want to make the Aberdeen next it looks so cozy. and I love the purple and cream they chose for the colors. Its made from a chunky weight so it will work up super fast! For the men's sweaters I love the Nottingham Sweater by Marly Bird. I love all of her patterns and listen to her Podcast every week! She is such a sweet down to earth designer. You can find more information about her and her podcast at She often designs for Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet magazine.

Two shawls are in this issue, Easy Cranberry Shawl and Essential Shawl.
I love shawls! Have I ever made one? Nope, not yet... but I own a few and wear them often. I really like the Essential Shawl it is almost like a caplet. I love that is calls for Kollage yarns! They are such an amazing company and they are the guys that make those amazing square needles. The easy Cranberry Shawl would also be a great pattern to learn cables with. There are two lovely cables that run down the center almost like a backbone of the shawl. Both of the shawls call for worsted weight yarns which make them excellent and fast knit.

Two amazing sock patterns: Twisted Pines Socks (LOVE) and Cactus Blossom Socks.
I have been bitten by the sock bug and have completely fallen head over hells for the Twisted Pine Socks. Sock like these are so lovely that it makes you want to buy new shoes so they are not hidden from the world. They are designer by Phyll Lagermn and also call for Kollage yarns. The Cactus Blossom are lovely as well but more of what I would call house socks. They are knit from worsted weight and only have a pattern on the cuff. They would make a great gift my mom and grandmother for mothers day and will probably be made for them.

There are two cowls in this issue as well. The Crimson Cashmere Cowl and the Cat's Paw Cowl
I Love cowls, there is something about them that just make me feel good. I love the warmth they bring and the ease of wearing one and not having to worry about it falling to long on one side and getting it caught in the car door... yes this has happened to me and it killed a beloved scarf. The Crimson Cashmere cowl is a yummy as it sounds. Worked with yarn from Yarn sisters with a makeup of cashmere, possum and silk and the use of cables it make a wonderful knit that would be easily dressed up or down with a pair of jeans.

Orange Marmalade Scarf
There is only one scarf in the magazine and its the last pattern in the magazine but there is nothing inferior about this scarf. It uses Kidsilk Haze from the Rowan and LB Collection Wool Stainless Steel by lion Brand. It looks fluffy and cozy. It has a wonderful texture to it and would make a easy but still involved knit. The neat thing about this yarn is the contents! I am who doesn't want to knit with stainless steel.. It just seems fascinating.

Love of Knitting really did an excellent job pulling these together. I am really impressed with each pattern which is not common for me. There have been many magazines I have seen that only have one or two patterns that I would make from it but not this one. You should really check out the patterns and grab the magazines before it is gone...

If you have already grabbed this magazine up I want to know! What is your favorite pattern and if you have CO on yet!
Thanks for Reading and Happy Yarning!

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