The end of a year and a New Beginning

I am sitting in my living room this morning. Its 8:13am which is funny because my hubby believes that is his magic number. He says every time he looks at the clock during the day is says 813. He is goofy and I love him. The boys are in the den playing with their Christmas presents and watching some cartoons. My darling hubby is working this morning trying to finish a house (we own a gutter business) but I expect he will be home soon since I see the rain starting to drip on our Auburn flag on the front porch. It is a rather gloomy day outside and despite having some spending cash I have no urge to go anywhere. In fact I have not drove my car since last Saturday and I love it! I am still suffering from this head cold/flu leftovers and am so over it! I have not taken down my Christmas stuff yet since I feel that since Thanksgiving came late I was cheated out a week of Christmas. I usually try to take it down the weekend after the first but I may wait till my son goes back to school. It will be so much easier to do it with only one kiddo running around.

Currently on my needles I have my easy folded poncho, it never ends. I have 20 inches to go and the collar. I am thinking I may have enough yarn to do an edge on the bottom. I am loving the fabric but the print reminds me of cameo and I am hoping the edging gives it more of a famine look. I really want to get it done by the New Year. Once I get that done I want to knit a Hat for Halos of Hope. I am slowly working on a blanket for my oldest son in a palette of blues but doing crochet with it. I also have been playing with my drop spindles ans Rolags I got for Christmas. They are spinning so thin!! It is lovely and I love the colors.
Speaking of plans I have set kitting/crochet goals for myself for 2014. January will be my one year anniversary of crochet and in July one year for knit and spinning. I can not believe its only been a year.. I am kicking myself for not learning sooner..I love it that much. So here are my goals I want to complete this year..
1.Knit a Sweater
2.crochet a sweater
3.knit/crochet at least one donation every 2 months
4.knit one square after each pair of socks (need to go back and make one from Christmas socks)
5.Knit a 12 inch square each month then make a throw with them next Dec/Jan.
6.1/2 of my queue
The last one maybe hard since I am constantly adding stuff to my queue...
If you have knitting goals or Crochet goals for 2014 I would love to hear about them!
I plan on adding reviews to my Blog for the New Year. Some of the things I plan on the review are knitting gear, Magazines, Yarns etc. I am looking forward to it and hope you are too!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year! Happy Yarning!
Do you see the Kitty?
here is an up close. she got stuck..