I am Square Crazy

I am what many may call a monogamous knitter/crocheter. I try to have only one of each craft going at a time. Well except for blankets :) Currently I have 4 blankets going. The one above is a crochet Log Cabin Blanket that I am making for my oldest. I am using this pattern from Lion Brand.   As far as knitting blankets I am working on a barn raising quilt, a acrylic sample stitch square blanket and Love of Knitting block blanket.

My acrylic stitch blanket I am using Caron Simply Soft. I was lucky enough to get a lot of it in different colors due the summer for less than $2 a skein. I am using a book called Knit and Purl, The Harmony Guides 250 stitches to Knit. This book is packed with stitches for me to do to grow my skills. For the blocks I am casting on 60 stitches for each square. The square I am working on next is the Loop Stitch which can been seen in the picture with the green yarn above. The loop stitch calls for multiples of 2 + 2. So I am going to use 58 stitches and then a knit on each side. When I get enough squares I will connect them and make a blanket that will survive my children. These are coming out o be about 11 x 11.

For the Barn Raising Quilt Blanket I am using sock yarn that is left over from socks as I knit them. This will obviously be a long term project. I am also using sock yarn that I get a thrift stores and donations... do you have any you want to send? After the bath these are coming out about 7 inches each. If you want to make these squares you can get the book they are in here or you can check with your local library. If they do not have it they can it brought in from another library for you. Notes: Using the Magic Circle Crochet CO 
finishing squares to be blocked to 7 inches

The Love of Knitting Blanket is coming from the Love of Knitting website. Each month they are offering a different pattern for free and suggesting a yarn to use with it. I was ever so lucky to win  a skein of January's yarn Cascade Avalon. I am in love with this yarn and for only $5.99 for a skein its an awesome deal. February's block calls for Lion Brand Heartland. I grabbed a skein in Glacier Bay! 

If you want to see my squares as i complete them you can always find them here on my Ravelry page. I have set a tab up just for squares. Please share links to your blankets you are working on or have made.

Happy Yarning!!

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