Herimone Heartgoblin

Let me introduce you to Hermione. She is based of a pattern from Stacey Trock called Sparkie The Monster.    The original pattern is a very cute little monster. However for Valentines Day Stacey challenged her Ravelry group to take one of her patterns and use it with her Heart Pattern .  Hermione is what I came up with. I made a few modifications to the Sparkie pattern, created a dress for her and added the heart for her ears and antenna. Bellow I tried to write down with the modifications I had made. I hope they make sense to you and if they do not let me know and I will try to help you out.

~Done in color A
~Extra decrease row on head.
~body extra increase ...
 2sc, sc in the next 9
 2 sc, sc in next 10
sc around 14 rows
decrease till I have same amount of stitches as head

~Did rows 1-2 in color B
*leave out row 3 increase on arms
~SC 6 row in color A
~ row 7 SC 6, DEC, SC x 2, DEC, SC x 6
~row 8 SC x 5, DEC, SC x 2, DEC, SC x 5
row 9 SC around
row 10 SC around
row 11 repeat row 8 but increase
row 12 repeat row 7 but increase
row 13 - 14 SC
row 15 5 SC, Slip ST, CH 1, Turn work, 7 SC , Slip ST

~did rows 1-3 in color B

Dress color C use I Hook
~CH 70.
~HDC around for 2 rounds
round 3 : HDC 6 x then Increase all the way around.....repeat HDC 7 then increase... continue in this manner till it is long as you want it. cut yarn
Belt Used I for heart and held yarn double/ Used H for the Black Belt
Color B make heart for belt. I use the simple heart from littlebirdiesecerts@blogspot.com
Using color D
Crochet on the original chain from the dress I HDC around one time, then found my center front, held the heart there, and HDC there, pulled the loop through the TC of the heart and the HDC the rest of the way around. I then HDC around again one more time. Broke the yarn and started the shirt part of the dress

Ears: Color B
Followed part of pattern for 3d heart from Freshstitches. I did medium heart round 1-4, then 2 rows of sc, then 2tog, SC 2 ...

antenna : Color B used small 3d heart from Freshstitches. when I got to row 12 I switched to color A and SC down and did two row of increases. I also added a pipe cleaner in it.