Why do I even bother....

I finished my Gloves. They were supposed to be knit flat. They were supposed to force me to get better at seaming. Yea well that lasted about 6 rows into the rib and then I was like heck no. So I decided hey I will just knit them in the round after the rib and seam up the rib area. The yarn I am using is a local dyed 100 % wool. It is from Home Place Farms. This is the 2nd time I have used their hand dyed. The first was was with my Honey Cowl. I love this color and base.

 When I finished knitting the first glove it looked nice but a little big. The rib area is not as defined as I had wanted it. You can see it in the picture to the left. I was Ok with it but not in love...

I realized that that pattern was not going to work for me. I love knitting in the round and can do it a lot faster than knitting flat. Here is my easy glove recipe

Cast on 43 stitches with a size US 6 needles, Do a 1 X 1 rib for 2 inches. Change to a US 7 and knit around for 8 rows. Start gusset increases (use stitch markers) Once you have 14 in between stitches, stitches inside the stitch markers put them on waste yarn.  Start knitting the hand. Knit for 5 rows of hand and then use a crochet bind off. Pick up the thumb stitches and I knit around 3-4 rows.. I can not remember lol then did a single crochet bind off.

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