Hello Friday!!

ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!!! I am so glad it is Friday it has been a long week of a lot of rain and even though more rain is headed this way I still am happy its Friday and the hubby will be home with us... I wanted to share some Tidbits with you this morning...

First some morning music... gotta have music to get us going... This song makes me think of sitting on a beach somewhere knitting in the afternoon and watching the sun go down..

Ok now that we got some music its time for Questions....
1. Are you on google + ? I am ...find me here .
2. Whats is your favorite podcast to listen too?? I have several but love listening to new ones..
3. What are you working on this morning?? I am currently working on the Gap-Tastic Cowl. I Cast it on yesterday late evening.
4. Are doing #StashDask2014 and how far are you?? I am on 587.4 miles... but getting there.

Now and little Show and Tell...
I finished another Barn Raising Quilt square. I love this pastel colored yarn but when working with it not so much. It actually gave me a little blister but once it was soaked and blocked it got super soft. It was scraps that was given to me and almost 100 % sure its from Minds Eye. I do not know the colorway so I named it my Easter Square since the colors remind me of Easter.

Next thing I have to show is a baby shower gift for a friend. Since the baby shower is tonight I will do a separate post tomorrow about the set but here is a teaser... She is having their first child and its a BOY!! So send Blessings and Love her way... I am making a set from Yarn Bees Tender Touch... soft yarn but it catches and is a pain.... looks great though lol

Lets add one more but this one a "fun" laughable song... Ok so its laughable but partly true :) I do tend to forget the laundry since I have started knitting and crochet. Have a Wonderful Weekend and Happy Yarning :)