Tigers and Babies.. OH My!!!

Now that the baby show is over I can share a newborn set I made from a friend... there is not really a pattern so i will share the recipe with you. For the hat I crocheted a 3.75 inch diameter circle before i started just straight crocheting in the round. I switched colors with each round and crocheted over the tails as i went along. I made the length of the hat around 5.8 inches from crown to tip.
The ears I honestly can not remember lol I think i crocheted 6 hdc in a magic loop then did a combo of sl st, sc, dc, trc, dc, sc, sl st. to make it have a flat edge to make it easier to sew on. The eyes I started in black did 7 hdc in a magic loop then used white to do 2hdc in each space. The white cheeks were just your basic circle with increases in white 4 rows. The nose was a luck thing. I crocheted a length i liked the decreased every other row on the 2nd st from the end. The tail I started in black did a magic circle. Then went around in the black for 5 rounds then started alternating colors till the length i liked. The diaper cover I made it with a 12 back and then a rise of around 16 inches. I added two buttons to make it adjustable. I also lined it with fleece to keep the diaper from peeking through the stitches.

The yarn is Tender Touch from Yarn Bee. I used one skein of  Shadow, Apricot, and Fleece. The yarn is super soft and fuzzy and a bulky weight. I can not seeing this being a blanket because baby could get the fuzz  in their mouth but as for hats etc would be soft and super cute for them. You can see the amounts from each on my Ravelry Page. I love this yarn and can see it being used for future baby items.