Glassy White Walkers

I love Game of Thrones... it is a very graphic show but I have always been drawn to shows regarding the medieval times. I am love vikings but that is a whole other thing :) In Game of Thrones there are these creatures the White Walkers. they are like a race of humans that have passed/been turned into a icy monster so to speak... I love the blues of the White walkers and the darker lines and I wanted a sock to reflect that... The Knit Picks yarn was perfect...

~~~ I am using the leg chart of the Eisern pattern to represent the lines of the white walkers.. I am also doing a mod on the chart... instead of purls I am doing Knit.

~~Judy's magic cast on 14 stitches
-68 stitches to point under pinky toe. Then dec 4 each side. Knit around, then 32 per needle.
~~knit 6 rows before pattern.
~ knit 1 row after pattern
~~2x1 2 rows

~~ Jennys ST Bind off

Video from TheKnitGirllls ... Picked up stitches, Knit 2 rows picking up 4 stitches on each side on first row.
Dec 2 on each side (total of 4 dec) Knit 1 row then repeat
Dec total of 4
repeat until 24 stitches on each needle then dec 3 rows back to back,  14 close
*whenever I do dec I knit 1 then dec

I love this yarn and very upset Knit Picks is not longer selling the "fun" colors... yarn is Knit Picks Imigination sock Yarn in the "Looking Glass" colorway.