I am Cowl-azy

I have been bitten by the cowl bug. No not the buzzing kind that flies around livestock but the fun kind of knitting. I love scarfs don't get me wrong but when you have small kids and you need something you can grab as you are walking at the door to throw on and keep you warn a cowl is the way to go. Cowls also do not come done fro around you neck and fall in to the sink or toilet.. come on you know its happened to you too :)
The first one I made was the ever so popular Gaptastic Cowl. Since I used Plymouth Yarn Baby Aplaca Grande, I am calling it my Paca-tastic Cowl, since it is made from Alpaca and all of it squishy, fluffy yumminess. Plymouth Yarn comes in a ton of colors.. (click here to see them) I did mine in the Fox color way which is number 282. I used 3 skeins for a total of 330 and I had 12 inches to spare after binding off. I used a size 13
needle and I used my Knitters Pride Dreamz since I was afraid my Hiya Hiya sharps would split the yarn. The Yarn is crazy kinds of wonderful! It is so soft and makes you want to knit a blanket out of it. The Pattern is super easy to knit and remember. I cast this on last in the evening on the 11th and finished it on the 15. I did not wash or block it since it is perfect fresh from the needles. This would be a great fast gift in my opinion.

The next cowl I made is from SWTC (www.soysilk.com) Comin up Flowers in the Fall Foliage colorway. The yarn is funky and fun. The story behind this yarn is actually a little funny. It was my first visit to an actual yarn store .... not big box store.... My mom, the boys and I had gone Gadsden Alabama  and I remember that a yarn store was there. I had only worked with Red Heart and I love this Yarn at this point but wanted to see what all the fuss was about regarding wool and natural fibers. The store called Taming or the Ewe is located in downtown in a older building. As soon as I walked in the color and  textures pulled me in even more. I walked around touching and smelling the different yarns and then I saw this lonely skein on a shelf. I loved the colors I had no idea what I would make with it and at that time I only knew how to crochet. The owner of the store told me knitting it would be easier and I should learn and told me she would be happy to teach me. I turned it over and saw the price $14! I about hit the floor! I was in total shock $14 was it made of gold?? My mom was also shocked and told me if I wanted it she would buy it but but she thought it was a lot too... That skein sat in my room for almost 8 months. The funny thing is it took 1 day to knit and it is so much fun and colorful. I also look back now and find it funny I thought that $14 skein was high considering I have several skeins that retail for over $50 like my skein of Buffalo Wool Company Sexy. (although I got it on sale and with a coupon) 

To make this cowl:
CO 14
Knit every round
Bind off
twist once before sewing up the two ends with the tail of left over yarn.

Do you have any Skeins that have special stories? I would love to hear about them in the comments section bellow.
~~~~~Happy Yarning ~~~~~

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