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Have you heard of Indian Lake Artisans? They are the home of the Hexagonal  Knitting needles. Located in Michigan, with the use and services Michigan Companies these USA made needles are one of the Hottest things out there. All of their wonderful needles are HANDMADE with great attention to detail. They even sand each needle by hand! Can you believe that every single needle was sanded by hand before it gets to you, that just amazes me. However that is not all they even finish every piece by hand with a coat of natural beeswax that enhances the color and the grain of the wood. They use woods like Cherry, walnut and maple that are light in weight and warm to the touch. The North American hardwoods are from sustainable forests in the Great Lakes region of the United States. Theses are not your momma's bamboo needles people! With that unique hexagon shape comes comfort. It allows alleviate hand strain and carpal tunnel syndrome. The wood is slippery enough the yarn slides but not so slippery it falls off leaving you with dropped stitches.

So I bet you are wondering what they make. Well .... they have
~Circular Needles
~Straight needles (they have a range of cute toppers)
~Shawl Sticks (I want that Owl)
~Cable needles ( I want a set of these as well. 
~Yarn Bowls

I was ever so Blessed to win a set of their new size US 2 double points. They arrived package extremely well. I would have no fear of ordering from them. Their products come in a container so strong even my mail man could not destroy it... and trust me that means a lot. Their needles are supper smooth. I have some nice "wood" needles and these just feel so much better. The shape does in fact feel comfortable in your hands and the wood is so warm and inviting.
 I used mine in the car pick line and you know that feeling of knitting in the sun on a wonderful spring day.... these just made that even better.  The needles despite their "odd" shape make perfectly uniform stitches, even for a newbie like me. I must say they make my stitches look better than when I used other double points. I think it had to do with the death grip I felt I needed while holding metal double points and from the super annoying gabbiness traditional bamboo caused. Plus these are from trees in our Country! They are completely locally sourced and made by every day people like you and me. That means a lot to me in a country where hard work and handmade has seemed to lost its way. I really love this company and after hearing about their story on the Marly Podcast it made me love them more. (If you do not listen to the Marly Bird Podcast please correct that situation as fast as possible) I urge you to click the links I provided and look at their product. I am getting nothing from them for writing this post. I just feel great companies need recognition. To find out more about Indian Lake Artisans watch this video I have linked from their page...

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I love my new needles so much I made them a WIP snap case and matching bag!

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