Stash Down 2015

Ok lets be honest we all have a stash of yarn some of us make have some they have forgotten about and others may be OCD and know every single skein they own. Regardless I though it would be fun and helpful if we started  organizing, cleaning out and using up our stash. Each week I will do a post about a way to organize, sort, how to add your stash to Ravelry etc. This is a great way to share how you store your stash and maybe get rid of some things you bought but decided you do not want t use.. If you are in Alabama my home state please check out our Ravelry Group and share some of your ideas and goals. Here is the Thread post so you can jump in... even if you are not in Alabama feel free to post a comment or a picture to share with the group :)

In the past I have talked about my stash and how I have organized it. You can read those post by clicking the following links.

However I still have even more wonderful ideas and ways to improve my area and can not wait to share them with you through the year...

Happy New Year my you day and the days to come be filled with Love, family, Friends and lots of yarn ....

Happy Yarning..