The Plan

Every great idea needs a plan for it to be carried out. Organizing your stash or house is no different. Sure you can just start but you will be over whelmed and possibly not be as through. My plan not only pertains to my yarn room and yarn but to the rest of my house as well. I do this pretty much every year, clean out the house and purge some items because I know we will bring some in as the year progresses.

To get your plan go and sit in front of whatever you want to organize and look at it.. have a pen and paper write out what you want to do, what needs to be done for that to happen and what will be done when that middle step is done. Mine looked like this...

I am choosing to do my whole house so mine quite larger than yours maybe... Some questions to ask yourself about what you want:
Are you wanting to get like fibers together?
Weight yarn?
Do you need needle/ Hook Storage?
Where does it need to go?
Is that space already have the stuff in it or do you need to clean out other things?
Do you want your stash on Ravelry?
Do you need to get rid of some yarns?
Are you wanting to plan for future projects?

These are just a few questions. Mine I want to move some craft stuff into the closet in my craft room along with the acrylic yarns, I want to do this to get rid of the bookcase that align my wall and add cheap shelves on the wall instead. It will in return allow me to have more space to house my wheel and possibly have room to leave me ironing board out at all times. It will make my room feel not so cluttered and give my sons more floor space so they can be in here with me. 

Lets say you may want just to organize your yarn but weight.. Will you store it in totes? How about a book case? I have used the ones from walmart. They have worked well and are at a great price. Walmart usually has them for about 25ish in store so be on the look at for that price. Many people love the Ikea Cudes but there is not an Ikea here and its to far to take a weekday trip. I am creating a board For yarn storage on pinterest I will open it so anyone can post ideas to it as well. You can find it here. If you want to be added to the board so you can share your pins please shot me an email with your email address..

Now you have a plan you can beign.. if you want to get your yarn sorted just go through it this week and sort but color weight. Next week I will do a post of adding it to Ravelry and different apps that can keep up with your stash. This is a WIP it will not happen over night... your stash did not grow over night so you can not let yourself think you can handle it over night. I started my progress and was able to get the first step almost done and will complete it this week. The hardest part is coming up for me.... moving stuff around and cleaning out the shed and the barn which are areas that will be COLD this week due to the weather :/ good thing I am a knitter and crocheter :)

Happy Yarning...