4KCBWDAY3 Its all about the Infographics Baby

Day Three (Wednesday April 24th): Infographic
"There are many ways of conveying information on a blog; text and images being the two most widely used. Many infographics combine both these elements to provide a visual way of presenting text information. Make your own infogaphic"

There there it is in all of it glory. The Pie chart represents my "free time" and how I spend it. Now this is time I get to do what I want to do.....it is not always uninterrupted. Usually I get this time after 1:30pm every day when the boys are napping. Some times I get "me" time at night after we eat dinner and the hubby and I are relaxing. It has changed over the years As you can tell, but it can tell you a lot about me. Most of my time this year has been crochet. That is because since I picked up a hook for the first time there has not been one no more than inches away from me.
 Looking at my chart you can see last year I spent most of my time reading. I think that was because I joined a church where I truly felt the spirit of God come over me I was reading my Bible more than ever and doing Bible studies for the first time on my own. I also have always been a big reader. The hubby and I read the whole Hunger Games trilogy. I was also given a Kindle for Christmas in 2011, which lead to many nights of getting free books and reading them within days.

Speaking of 2011 that when my little red head was born. He came at 2 weeks early and weight 10lbs! No I did not have Gestational Diabetes, he was also 23 inches long....the hubby and I are 5'11. I was a big reader then as well. See my first pregnancy was one of those people dream of.. I never got sick! Red however, was a different story. I was sick from sun up to sun down from the beginning till the end. I couldn't even cook dinner unless I have a fan blowing the smells away. Most of my days were spent sleeping or reading "at home remedies" on keeping my food down.

Oh the joys of 2010 lol. See there was only one little boy in the house then. He was potty trained, could feed himself, took naps like a pro and loved to help around the house. My how things change as they grow. I love my oldest though he is my strong willed child. We used to scrapbook together all the time. He loves looking at his life in pictures with cool stickers and embellishments. I still have all my scrap booking things nicely organized waiting to be made into something special. I just know with a 2 year old that would be a disaster having it spread out on the dinning room table. I still keep things for their scrapbooks each month in manila folders. I figure organize now and I can do the fun part when things slow down.

I hope you enjoyed your little presentation I had planned for you :)  Blessings and Goodnight

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  1. My first son was 10 lbs 5 oz and 23" long at birth. He didn't want to come out on his own. Kids definitely change our "me-time". My quiet mommy time happens on Friday & Saturday nights once my kids and husband are in bed. That's when I get to sit down watch something I want to watch and snuggle in my chair with my crochet hook.


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