Furry Friends and Wooly Blends

The picture below is of Molly.

She is my mother-in-laws dog. Molly Has pretty much claimed our house as hers too. We live on about 35 acres with our in-laws and our houses are separated by a huge field.  We have a huge front porch and Molly likes to come sleep on it when its stormy. She has 2 big dog houses but always comes to our porch when there is a storm. I think its because I go out there and pet her and gave her a treat to let her know it will be ok. She is so good with the boys and the most loving and loyal dog you will ever find. When we do school outside she is always sitting with us. Molly has had a hard life though. when she was a puppy she was ran over by accident by my mother-in-law. It did not break anything but now she has arthritis in her legs. Despite here barley getting around Molly waddles across the field to come visit. Molly is getting to be about 9 years old and lately has been sickly.  She started losing a lot of weight and seeing how we are on a lot of land and there are a lot of bugs and flies/ticks etc they wormed her and she passed a lot of the worms...but Saturday we noticed a huge growth on her chest. My hubby took her to the vet this morning and they think it could be cancer.. We are all hear broken but the vet said he would run test and see if it can be removed...so pray for that sweet dog...

I am feeling better, I hardly picked up my hook yesterday. I have had germs...as my oldest calls colds. I coughed and coughed all night Saturday night. Sunday I woke up and felt horrible I was queasy and felt like I had been ran over. I really wanted to go to church I have the best Small group (Sunday school class). I have missed a few Sundays here and there from either being sick or the boys being sick. I actually went last week but our teacher was out. They even sent me a card..

The last picture I have to show you is some yarn I picked up this week. Both are wools blends. I love natural yarns..The brownish one is was on sale and the greenish one was on sale at hobby lobby .. so I grabbed the only one they had. I only spent $9 dollars for both so I consider it a win!

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