What color say about you? 4KCBWDAY4

picture from Bing
I love color and it just so happens that is the topic for today's blog challenge. I have made a little board on pinterest regarding color change and colors I Love. However you can also look at my Fiber Love  board to see more color and all its wonder.

My color love has changed over the years which is funny when you look at the meanings of the colors. In the past I was a green/blue girl. If you look at the chart you will see Greens/Blues represent with calmness, peace, balance.... I guess that's how I felt before kids.. Now that I have two little men running around I am more into pinks/reds/purples... which is funny since they are energy, imagination etc... things I need to keep those boys active and learning. Looking at my yarn stash you will see more skeins of these colors than in the others. If you look at my Blog the background is a pair of gloves that I made notice the main color is pinks. I have made a lot of things in my 4 months of crocheting and all are bright cherry and colorful. It makes me happy and smile so why not. Even my house is colorful my Dinning Room is in a color close to Country Red and my kitchen is a lovely burnt Mustard! I think it is my favorite room...my boys rooms are Blue and the other green. Our home school room/craft room has blues, reds, greens and even purples. You can see pictures from its redo here.

I think I am drawn to these colors because they are part of my Bee-self. Bees love color and look for the colorful flowers. They are drawn to them like myself.


  1. I still fall firmly into the green/blue/purple/neutral category. I have all the other colors in my stash but it's mostly the jewel tones. I don't know that my colors will change...Little Man's might, but I think mine are firmly set. Oh, and I don't make things for Husband :)

  2. I haven't made anything for my hubby yet either.. I was suppose to make him a beanie...but too many cute projects keeping getting put in front of his. :) Thanks for stopping by Renee Anne :)


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