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Well Good morning. This post was actually supposed to be done yesterday... however this busy little bee had so much to do that I just didn't get around to it.
I have been making flowers for my CAL (crochet along) scarf and then decided to make a fast little project that I actually dreamed about the other day.. Yes I dream of yarn. I have really strange dreams in general but since I started crochet and this Yarnie lifestyle I often dream about it. One night I woke my hubby because he said I was "yarning" (winding up yarn- as he calls it) not soon after that he got me a ball winder. :) Last week I dreamed that he had brought me home jelly beans that looked like little yarn balls... Two nights ago I dreamed about a camera case to go along with my Vera Bradley lanyard that holds my small camera. I plan on finishing the case today after running some errands then I will post pictures and how I did it. I thought about writing a pattern but its not that important to me I would just rather share my love of the art of crochet.

I also want to say a big thank you for the new crochet group I have found on Facebook. Its a group of Yarnies like myself that Blog!! Yes I am happy at my new little group home. They have a Blog challenge yesterday and this post was supposed to be part of it but again I was too buzzzzzy to get it done. So here is the answer to the question: the question asked was which house do you fall into..

(This is borrowed from Niccupp Crochet)

What are you? Where do you fit in?

Here is a round-up of the houses you can choose:
  • Bee: Busy & industrious and slightly distracted by shiny things
  • Manatee: Gentle & relaxed representing the comfort and soft side of your craft
  • Monkey: Intelligent & fun-loving who likes to be challenged with something new in every project
  • Peacock: Flashy & amazing people who take something good and make it brilliant
I am a little Bee because I never slow down and I like it that way. I hate sitting still, even while watching TV I am blogging or crochet or even attempting to teach myself knitting. I fly around from one thing (craft, game, book, hobby___________ fill in the blank)"  to the next. My DH likes to say that I am obsessive about things... My love for yarn will be the one constant I think. I have a file "HUGE" of ideas and patterns for me to make. My yarn stash has tripled in the last month and my knowledge of the craft has grown to a level that surprise my MIL and she has been crocheting for over 50 years. I constantly learning and reading new ways... new styles. I can only imagine the amount of crochet goodies that will cover my house in the years to come. I love color and can even be drawn to it as it was a food for my soul. I love being outside and letting the gentle breeze go through my hair. I love the beauty of Gods world, the flowers that decorate it and the animals that roam it. I love taking my camera out when I walk my little yorkie and snapping photos and decided to share some of them with you from yesterday.
The Roaster was a HL find last year. I love roasters! The vine wreath around it I made from a muscadine bush we have here on the property.  The Iris plants are very dear to my heart. In 08 my grandmother passed. She was a busy Bee like myself. She taught me to can and quilt. She shared my love for the outdoors. Every year she will spend all day outside working on her gardens. All her hard work paid off because she always had huge beds full of color. The Iris are from her house. When she passed I dug a lot of them up along with some other plants. Each Time we moved over the years (3x) I dug the up and brought them with me. They are huge at this point larger than any I have seen before. They are planted all around my house and every time I see them I think of her.

I wanted to share a little wrist exercise from a blog I love Freshstitches!


  1. I love the photos from around your property. I have lived in my house for 7 years now and still have yet to plant any perennials. I had a vegetable garden one year, but that was all.

    My grandma had the most beautiful tulips. After she died, it pained my grandpa to see them come up every year, so he mowed over them. He also cut down her prized cherry tree. My grandpa passed away nearly 10 years ago. I miss them both and understand how special these plants are for you.

    1. the story about your grandmother/father made me get all teary eyed. I am a big outdoor girl. I do a huge garden every year and can/freeze everything. I even search the property for black berries and make Jams for gifts etc. I have always been told I have an old soul and LOVE that people see that with in me.:) Thanks for stopping by Niccupp

    2. I have fond memories of my grandpa's garden. He worked hard and would let me put the seeds in the ground and cover them over. Once it came time to harvest, my grandma kept ice cream buckets and we would sit under a tree in her backyard snapping green beans all day. Then, the next day, she canned them. There is nothing wrong with being an old soul. I wish I had learned some things before my grandparents passed.


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