April Showers ....

I Love Spring...I mean what's not to love. I like the days that begin to get longer. I love how the sun seems to warm the air and my mood at the same time. I love watching the baby squirrels that peek out from the whole in the big tree in front of our house. They are so fun to watch scurry around and playing chase. I love the days of rain and gloom. I love how it washes away all the pollen that tries to keep me inside.
The past weekend it was lovely here in Alabama. I am not sure how it is where you are but here in Alabama... pretty sunny weekends mean outside adventures. Last Saturday we planned a little trip to a local trade day. I LOVE trade days, meeting interesting people looking at all the cool things. I was unhappy about this trip though. I expected to find some handspun yarn or crocheted items but did not see any. I did find these cool buttons and pin. I got those for $1.50. The yarn was from wally world, we had to stop and get some Milos tea :) hey we are in Alabama...

We also sat outside a little bit Sunday afternoon. I shouldn't have been out there though everything is covered in a yellow snow like pollen layer. I am anti-pollen by the way. The boys and myself have been sick all last week from the stuff. We have had bronchitis, sinus infections and fevers. This is Bailey as you can see he is enjoying the sun. He is my little 5lb yorkie. He was a mother's day gift from my hubby and daddy years ago. He is one of my furbabies. Oliver is my other and I am sure I will post a picture of him at some point.

I will share a cool video of Oliver with you though. This is one of old houses (we moved a lot when we worked for Circuit City) anyways.. this is in AC's room when he was just learning to crawl. AC is now 5 so this is pretty old but Oliver still does this all the time..

On the subject of crochet I am doing a crochet along with a group on Facebook. We are making scarves. There is a video if you would like to see how to do it and that video can be seen here. These are the colors I have chosen to make my flowers from. As you can see I have a few done already. I am liking my color combo. I actually have done more since I took this picture though currently though I have 36 done but I have to make about 115.

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