4KCBWDAY5 Whats my favorite tool...

Today's post is a little late but hey better late than never.
The subject of the day is our favorite tools of the trade. I have several things that I consider my tools of the trade. They are probably some that others are sharing and some are different. The first is my comfortable chair. I shared it a while back but you can see it and all its glory here. It is stationed facing the TV and beside it is my end table. I keep pattern books and lotion, some yarn and other little "needed" things.  I love my chair! Its large enough that one of the boys can sit with me or my little Yorkie Bailey. It also has higher arm rest. They are perfect for resting your elbows/arms when crocheting and give great support.
The next is my hooks, I use all of them but tend to use H the most. The picture is all my hooks all the metals are grouped together except for the one Bates... which is all alone. I am a Boye Girl what can I say :) The metal N is my favorite one that I decorated. You can see it better  here. The Owl cup is what I keep my hooks in, because I love owls. I have a few plastic hooks but have not really used all of them yet.
My last Favorite things are patterns. I keep some in a binder which also has notes and sketches I have made. Some things have been made but not shared since I want to remake them and write a pattern for them. I also have a shelf in the craft/school room that houses other pattern books and magazines.The picture on the left is where all my knitting hooks live. As you can see there is not a lot yet since I am just learning. I also have milk glass jars to hold needles, stitch markers and little balls of yarn that I plan on making a magic ball with. Hey do you see my cute Boyds Bear Lamb on my book shelf.... I love him!

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