Bittersweet is defined as : something that is bittersweet; especially : pleasure alloyed with pain. There are things all around us that are "bittersweet". Today they just seem to be appearing more than often. One of the bitter things in our life today is the passing of the sweet dog from yesterdays post. Molly had to be put down yesterday. She was defeated by cancer and a tumor. It breaks my heart that the big pretty pink nosed lab will no longer be relaxing on my porch or sleeping in the field in the sun. She will no longer be there to lay next to the boys when we go outside. She however is in dogie heaven and without pain. She will be deeply missed but I am grateful God put that four legged, huge lady in our life. 
It is also bitter that the EVERYTHING is covered in a blanket of yellow powder. The pollen levels right now are crazy. We blew off our porch yesterday only to have it covered in yellow this morning. Tomorrow brings rain and Storm's. They are to bring strong winds that could cause damage but relief to all of us burdened by this pollen. I love the spring the singing birds and the little squirrel's running around but I do not like the pollen.. It makes me feels miserable when I step outside and gross.

This is my latest project. Here is the link if you want to try.
I am really liking these..they are working up pretty fast and fairly easy. I am making a scarf that is 8inches wide by 8ft long.. I am 5'11 so I wanted a longer one. I need to make about 115 flowers to do this and am working with about 6 colors. I will add a picture when it is completed.

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